Good Surprises!

Dinner, chocolate, flowers, cake, fruit, presents, jelly beans, and letters. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we had some awesome surprises. The Korean habit of waiting until the last second to tell us anything actually turned out great!

On Thursday night I had a somewhat stressful meeting with the parents of one of my classes to explain some of the changes we were thinking of making. Rachel had gone back to the apartment and right after the meeting was over I got a call from one of our coworkers wondering where we were. One of the mother’s of our students had invited us over for dinner, but our director had forgotten to tell us. And the mother and other coworker were waiting for us outside our apartment. So I quickly walked home and Rachel and I heading over to their house for dinner.

The food was really good and they had a really nice apartment. We even got to watch a Korean drama show. Before we had even left the dinner table we had already counted 5 people crying. Pretty epic. While they were driving us home the mother invited us to go over to her parent’s place to go fishing. They either own a hotel or a country home that is right next to the Sea or a lake! That will be pretty sweet.

When the students got to school on Friday they started giving us gifts. Our director told us that Teacher’s Day is on Sunday so the students bring in gifts on Friday for their teachers. We ended up doing pretty well too. One students’ parents sent in a huge cake, some fruit, and the student had written a note in Korean that said “I love you.” He got the student of the week award. 😉 We got a bouquet of flowers and a real plant. Plus Rachel got a whole perfume body care set. And another student brought in some chocolates for us.

We had also received a yellow slip of paper from the Korea Post but were not able to go to the Post Office until Friday evening. We were not expecting anything to arrive so we were sort of confused. It took us a little while to find where our package was, but when we saw a USPS box in the sorting room we figured we were in luck. My parents sent us a package for Rachel and I’s birthdays! We got a box of Wheat Thins and 3 different bags of Starburst Jelly Beans. Surprisingly only the wrapping on one of the bags was ripped. Plus they got Rachel a handbag from Coach and I got a Packers Super Bowl Champion t-shirt!

The surprises continued on Friday night when we heard fireworks outside. We quickly ran to get a good view of them. The whole show only lasted about 2 minutes but I was able to get a short video of it. Thursday and Friday were definitely some good days. We had had some not so good surprises recently, but these surprises were the kind that keep you going.

Out of all the surprises we had this past week none were more exciting or more important than the surprise we got when Sam told us that he asked Christi to marry him! 🙂 I am so excited for you guys! I cannot wait to see your wedding. We wish you guys the very best.

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Gifts…. or Bribes

Last week into this past week we had 4 days in a row that students brought in gifts for us. Last week we started taking our own food in for lunch because we did not want to eat rice and vegetables for lunch everyday. The food they have at school is pretty good but we like a variety. So we brought in peanut butter and jelly and made our sandwiches and had a couple snacks. The students were watching us and wondering why we were eating bread and the Korean teachers told them that we are not used to eating rice everyday.

One of the students said that his family had a lot bread at home so one of the Korean teachers told him to bring in some for us. On Wednesday he brought in a muffin for Rachel and I to share. It was a pretty good muffin too. Then on Thursday another student brought in some crackers for us. His mom or dad had written a note on it in English that said that once the student woke up in the morning he started talking about me and how he wanted to go to school! I didn’t realize that kids like school so much. I was really glad to see that they enjoy us and that we have an impact on them. Then on Friday they had a birthday party for the students who had birthdays in March. One of the mothers sent in some bread for all the students and some mini cake/bread snacks for the teachers. They were delicious!

Then this past Monday one of the students brought in a small French Lavender plant for Rachel and I. I put it in our classroom and it is actually starting to bud already! And then on Friday this week one of the students brought in a whole package of crackers for Rachel and I! I am not sure if they are bringing in gifts because they like us or if they are trying to bribe us but I am sure that those students will get a higher grade. 🙂 This teaching thing works out pretty well sometimes. 🙂