Ladies Street Market

We went to Ladies Street on the first night we were in Hong Kong. There were stalls for purses, wallets, watches, scarves, jewelry, clothes, etc. Stalls had clothes for men and women. I bought a cheap dress. I felt bad trying to barter because everything was already so much cheaper than Korea! But I bartered for some shorts for Peter and we got them for $100 HKD ($12 USD) instead of $129 HKD ($16 USD). The lady I bartered with started lowering the price before we asked for a discount so I didn’t feel as bad.

Stanley Bay

Stanley was about a 15 minute tram ride plus a 30 minute bus ride from our hotel. I felt like there was more wall art, luggage, and knick knacks in Stanley. We found an inexpensive painting of the Hong Kong Harbor at night, and two pieces of wall art with Chinese characters. We bought the two pieces of wall art for $80 HKD. They even switched the mattes for us so we could have the same matte color for both. When we were leaving the shop we saw that they were selling paintings for $120 HKD, so we looked at them and bought one that we really like. We were really happy to find something to put on our white walls! I found a necklace at another shop. The lady working at the shop wouldn’t take much less than the ticket price for it so I asked her to add some earrings to the deal. She told me that she loved me many times… but she gave me the deal so I was happy. I can’t remember the exact price, but I was happy with what I paid and that’s what matters.

Temple Street Market

We expected it to rain on Friday, but the weather wasn’t too bad. It only rained a little. We walked through the Temple Street Market in the afternoon as they were setting up for the night. We read online that Temple Street was more for electronics, pens, watches… which we weren’t interested in buying so we didn’t mind that most of the shops were closed. One shop we went to had some great stuff – old-looking suitcases and trunks, globes made with semi-precious stones, unique lamps…

Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay is where all the regular shops are. They had some popular international brands and some brands that I’d never heard of. Some of the shops were having sales, but I didn’t find anything I really wanted. It was fun walking around there at night. We went there on Thursday and Friday night. On Thursday night there was a storm warning and it was really windy, but no one seemed to mind. The second night we grabbed dinner and then walked around before heading over to the harbor to see the light show.

Pedder Building

Somewhere on the Discover HK website I saw that a good place to find American style clothes at a discount was at the Pedder Building. It was supposed to be where stores like Ann Taylor sent the clothes that weren’t good enough to be sold in the US. Most of the shops were empty. There were maybe a handful of stores still open, but they were selling silk goods and clothes for older people. Maybe one day I’ll figure out where those outlets really are!

 Li Yuen Street East and West

Li Yuen Street East and West are two different streets that aren’t too far from each other and they are near the Pedder Building. We found Li Yuen St East first, and walked down it. Most of the shops were just opening so it didn’t take long before we reached the end of the street. And at the end of the street was H&M!!! We looked around on all the floors. There were either four or five floors. They had some fun stuff and some crazy stuff like usual, but the prices weren’t insane like they were in Seoul! After H&M we ate lunch and then went to the west street.

We also checked out Jardine’s Crescent which is another street market, but we weren’t impressed by it. The street markets were fun to browse. Overall, I liked Stanley the best because I found the most things there that I wanted. We did a lot of shopping, but we had a great time finding good bargains and wall art to decorate our apartment!


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