Aside from all the sightseeing things in Hong Kong, we also experienced some of the different entertainment venues provided. We spent a large portion of one day at Ocean Park Theme Park. Disneyland and Ocean Park are the two main theme parks in Hong Kong. We also watched the Barclay’s Asia Trophy.

Ocean Park

We choose Ocean Park because Disneyland in Hong Kong is very small. We ordered tickets online the night before so we could enter the park faster. With the name being Ocean Park, we expected to find many water rides and pools. But Ocean Park turned out to be more of just an amusement park with only two rides that could get you wet. Either way they had a good number of rides and we were able to enjoy most of the day. Ocean Park has two separate sections called the Summit and the Waterfront. Where you enter is the Waterfront and it is mostly exhibits and restaurants and the aquarium. Then you could either take an underground express train or a cable car ride up to the top. The cable car took about 20 minutes and the train took less than 5. The line for the cable car going up was too long for us to wait, so we took the train up.

The rides were perfect for kids and pretty fun for adults. The lines were pretty long for most of the rides. The biggest fault of the park was the distance between rides. I’ll give them credit; they did a good job of building an amusement park on a mountain. And the rides had great views. But we had to walk over ½ a mile sometimes just to get to the next ride. With it being a hot day I was really hoping to find some really nice water rides. But unfortunately we did lots of walking instead.

As far as their exhibits go, they did a great job. They had a panda exhibit with 3 Giant Pandas and 2 Red Pandas. Two of the Giant Pandas were sleeping when we first walked through the main exhibit area. We got some good pictures of one of the Pandas. When we walked through another section of the exhibit we were able to see another one of the Giant Pandas and the 2 Red Pandas. We also got to see a Goldfish exhibit, some Chinese Crocodiles, turtles, and other fish.

Asia Trophy

In the weeks leading up to our vacation in Hong Kong we spent a good amount of time looking for different events and activities happening in Hong Kong. We never read anything online about any soccer games happening. But when we arrived in Hong Kong we saw some advertisements for the Barclay’s Asia Trophy. The tournament is basically a preseason exhibition match for some of the English Premiere League teams. Chelsea was actually on a tour of 3 or 4 different Asian countries before they start their season. It’s really a great idea for them because they can promote soccer, their team, and get some warm up games in before their season.

The three Premiere League teams—Chelsea, Aston Villa, and Blackburn Rovers—competed with the Hong Kong league championship team—Kitchee. I hadn’t heard of the other two Premiere League teams, but with Chelsea playing in town I really wanted to go watch. We were able to get tickets for the first days’ games at the box office. Thankfully they hadn’t sold out yet.

We were not too concerned about watching the Aston Villa vs. Blackburn game so we showed up about halfway through the first half. Their game wasn’t very exciting. We were able to get seats one row away from the field in the corner because our tickets were free seating in the section. The view wasn’t the greatest, but it was awesome sitting so close. If we had sat in the front row then we would have had people walking over us all day as the first row was basically just a footpath.

The Chelsea vs. Kitchee game was awesome. About 85% of the people present were cheering for Chelsea. Even the locals were cheering against their own team. Chelsea dominated and won 4-0. They made some really good goals. The game was a lot of fun to watch. I am really glad we were able to get tickets for that.


Finding things to do in Hong Kong is very easy. I am not sure who would get bored visiting Hong Kong. They have such a large selection of entertainment and recreational options. And they have good information online for what to do. Getting to Hong Kong Stadium was kind of difficult, but most entertainment venues are located right in downtown.


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