Hong Kong has an impressive diversity of cuisines available. Hong Kong prides itself on being the city where the East meets the West and that is certainly visible in the variety of foods available. We were excited about trying new foods and eating familiar foods.

Local Cuisine

We tried several different local Hong Kong restaurants and were impressed for the most part. Our first experience came at a small hole in the wall place at Ladies’ Market. We were just coming off the subway and we were hungry so walked into the restaurant. They mainly served soups, which aren’t the best options on a hot day. Rachel got a noodle soup dish and I got some BBQ pork. Both of our meals turned out good. Nothing elaborate or amazingly delicious like you would find at a sit down restaurant. We ordered Cokes and they brought out reused/recycled bottles, which was disturbing, but they looked pretty clean. And we didn’t get sick.

We also ate at Fairwood’s, a Hong Kong fast food restaurant chain. It was setup similar to a sit down restaurant but we ordered at a register and then got our food at a pick-up area in the back where the tables were. The restaurant ambiance was nice and modern. The orders came up by numbers and it took our order about 15 minutes to come up—not to impressive for a fast-food place. They didn’t give us one of our drinks so I had to go back up and get that. The food was fast-food quality so if you are looking for a fantastic dish than Fairwood’s isn’t the place. But they are convenient and their prices were good.

We also ate at a restaurant directly across the street from our hotel called the Rose Garden. There wasn’t a rose garden, but there was some pretty good food. And it was full of locals so you know it’s a good place. We shared some sweet and sour pork and egg rolls and got some Cokes. It had a very local feel to it.

We had heard a lot about dim sumand were determined not to leave HK without experiencing it. Basically they give you a huge menu with a ton of appetizer sized meals, or at some places they bring out a cart with the choices, and you pick 4 or 5 or 6 or however many you want to pick from. The restaurant we stopped at was called the “Majesty Restaurant.” It was quite an experience. The place was over packed with people. They actually set up a table for us in a crowded area to eat and didn’t even put a table cloth on it before we sat down.

Dim Sum

It was like we were going to a picnic in the middle of crazy busy restaurant. We were sitting next to a desk and also in a foot path area.

We made do with what we had and ordered 5 different things. We got garlic squid, wonton noodles, beef and rice, pork dumplings, and a soup. The food was really good. It was nice to have a lot to choose from. I would definitely recommend not going during peak lunch hours if you try dim sum.

Western Cuisine

Bubba Gump’s turned out to be one of the best restaurants we’ve been to this year! We went to the Bubba Gump’s on Victoria Peak. The view was amazing and the restaurant was awesome. The Forrest Gump theme was really well done. They incorporated elements from the movie into the décor, the menu, and tables. I ordered Crab Stuffed Shrimp and Rachel ordered Coconut Shrimp. Both of our meals were really good. And for dessert we got the pan-sized cookie sundae. Delicious! I would put Bubba Gump’s on my list of places to visit in Hong Kong for sure. Prices are similar to other restaurants that have a great view on a mountain so take a few extra dollars with you.

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Having ordered pizza in Korea once every two weeks or so we have missed eating really good pizza. In attempt to get better pizza we started making our own at home. During one of our shopping days we found a Pizza Hut and decided to stop. I don’t remember ever visiting a better Pizza Hut in my life. The menu was huge. Appetizers, pastas, pizzas, main dishes, desserts. Took us a while just to get through the menu. We went for the pineapple pizza, some breadsticks, coffee, and chicken wings. The pizza was very good and the prices were great. We paid less than most countries for Pizza Hut. If you are in Hong Kong, find a Pizza Hut.

Oceanic Cuisine

I will be honest; I was not expecting to see any Hong Kong restaurants cooking foods from Australia. But Rachel had read about a place in Stanley called the Rocksalt Restaurant. And there is a good reason she read about it. It is a cute restaurant right on the beach. We ordered lunch there and it was delicious. I got a salmon sandwich and Rachel ordered a fish from Tasmania. They had other dishes and drinks from Australia included Kangaroo soup, but we passed on that. The prices were average. If you are looking for a good place to eat lunch while at Stanley Market, then Rocksalt is a good stop.

I also ordered lamb ribs from New Zealand for lunch while at Ocean Park. If there are any people who know how to take care of sheep it’s the Kiwis. Just a warning to those looking for food at Ocean Park, there’s not too many good restaurants to choose from. We went to the restaurant in the Grand Aquarium (and I ordered lamb at an aquarium…). The main wall was the largest tank in the Aquarium, so we had a bit of a show while eating. As nice as it was to get out of the heat, the A/C was turned up too high in our booth. Aside from that, the food was expensive but good. Rachel ordered some Japanese food which will start the International Cuisine section.

International Cuisine

While at the Grand Aquarium restaurant Rachel ordered a box set of Japanese food. The dish they brought out was cool looking. It had different drawers to grab food out of. Most of it tasted good as well. The restaurants at Ocean Park served mainly Oriental dishes.

Our other international cuisine experience came at Ngong Ping Village. While we were waiting for our tour to start we got lunch at an Italian/Middle Eastern restaurant. The tourism website said we should visit a vegetarian restaurant while visiting the Buddhist statue and temple on Lantau Island. We didn’t find any until after our tour. We ordered lamb and chicken kebabs. Aside from the fact that they took over 20 minutes to make, they were great. After getting off the Cable Car, Ngong Ping Village has many choices for food and shopping. It’s a cute village and a nice place to eat.

Summary of Hong Kong Food

I would rate the food in Hong Kong pretty high (4 out of 5, or a B), mostly because they have a nice diversity of cuisines. We were expecting to find more Chinese like foods, but the Hong Kong diet is more seafood based. They actually eat about 6 times more seafood than the average person worldwide. It was very easy to order food in Hong Kong and nearly as easy to find something good to eat. The Discover Hong Kong website had tons of information about food as well so that was helpful. Be creative. It’s not too hard to find something good to eat.


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