Choosing a hotel

While we were trying to decide where to visit for our week-long vacation, I received some emails from about the Top 20 deals they found in Asia. They had a 40% off deal for the Regal Hotels in Hong Kong that included free Internet. The total cost of the hotel was very reasonable, so next we had to decide which location to pick. We went with the Regal iClub hotel in Wan Chai. Wan Chai is on the Hong Kong Island and close to shopping, the water, and the subway. Plus most of the attractions we were interested in were on Hong Kong Island.

Getting There

Regal iClub Hotel is located 40 minutes from Hong Kong International Airport. We took the Airport Express train from the airport to Central station and then took one of the courtesy shuttle buses to a hotel near ours and walked to our hotel after asking for directions. When we checked-in to our hotel they told us we were going to receive a free upgrade for the first night and then they would move our bags for us into our other room for the remainder of the week. I wasn’t sure why they didn’t just give us the same room for the entire week, but it was getting late and after 15 hours of traveling I just wanted a room. Maybe they overbooked the type of room we reserved?

“Free Upgrade!?”

They gave us our keys and we took the lift up to our room. We tried the keys multiple times to open our door, but the lock did nothing. So we went downstairs to the front desk and they gave us different card keys. Those cards did not work either. The 3rd time the lady went up with us to see if it would work and it didn’t. So she made some phone calls and took us up to another room—same setup as the 1st room. We finally got into a room and started getting settled in.

Once we got in our room we started to realize that “free upgrade” means “foreigner discount”. The room had 2 twin beds, a TV that was way too high to watch, a moldy bath mat, drawers that would not close, lint balls, and a bathroom door that was nearly impossible to close. We pushed the twin beds together. The beds were nice so we slept well.

The second night we got our new key cards and went up to our new room. Our bags were in our room waiting—with nothing lost or taken. The room was smaller, but had a queen bed and all the furnishings were nicer. All the things wrong with the 1st room were not wrong in the 2nd room. We were on the 20th floor and we had a really nice view.

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How It Rated

The rooms had a very modern look to them and the décor was pretty nice. The showers were really nice and they had shampoo and body wash and a dental care pack (toothbrush and toothpaste). They cleaned our room and gave us new towels even when we put up the “Do Not Disturb” sign. Thankfully not while we were still in the room! Their complementary breakfast was pretty small, but they had the basics. Coffee, cereal, pastries, orange juice, and some fruit were all provided. The iClub Lounge was very small and we had to sit at the computer desk one morning to eat our breakfast. But they also had pastries, coffee, and chips throughout the day.

For the price we paid, we had an incredibly good location. The tram went right down the middle of the street in front of the hotel. The Wan Chai subway station was only a 4-minute walk down the street. We had to walk a few minutes to get a good bus stop though. The hotel staff didn’t really know much about their area. We asked them about places to eat or things to do near the hotel and they seemed pretty clueless. I’m pretty sure when we asked them of a good restaurant nearby they googled it. They didn’t really know any easier ways of getting places than what we found online either. They spoke good English though and someone was always around to help.


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