Yesterday our employer’s wife told us that her husband was bringing some high school girls to the school so they could talk with us. We thought the girls wanted to take classes at the hagwon. The girls arrived about ten minutes later, and were we surprised! We were in the Book Cafe (we’ve made it our office for the time being), and when the girls entered the room they were… well they were screaming like they were meeting Justin Bieber. After they settled down we started talking. They introduced themselves and asked us some questions like “Where are you from?” Our employer’s wife told them to ask us to read to them, so I got to read them a book about 4 chicken chickens. They even clapped when I was done reading. They asked us if we were married, and when we said yes they enthusiastically clapped again 🙂

The girls recently graduated from middle school, and are starting their first year of high school in March. We learned that Korean middle school students usually egg each other on their last day of school, but because of an incident last year with the high school students the police were at the schools to make sure the students were being good and staying safe. The girls were actually working part-time for KCIS; they were handing out fliers about the school to students as they left school. It sounded like they wouldn’t be going to our hagwon, which is too bad because they were pretty fun. One of the girls was really embarrassed by the end of our conversation. She wanted to go home, but she had to wait for her ride. I think she started being embarrassed after she had asked us when our birthdays were because our employer’s wife jokingly asked her “Why do you want to know? Do you want to buy them a present?”