3rd Continental Sports Game

On Saturday Rachel and I attended our first professional sports game in Asia. That now marks the 3rd different continent that each of us has seen a sports game on. In North America we both watch many different games. Rachel watched AC Milan play in Europe. I watched a Rugby game in Australia.

We went to Jamsil Stadium in Seoul to watch the Hanwha Eagles play the Doosan Bears. Before leaving on the bus to Seoul we were doing some shopping and an older Korean gentlemen asked us where we were from in good English. We told him America and he said we looked like we from “European.” Then he said we looked like we were from Switzerland. I am not sure whether to take that as a compliment or not. I’ll accept that as a good sign and hopefully prophetic. We ate lunch at a cute hamburger place in Dangjin before leaving. The cashier did not know much English but she asked us something about tomato, kiwi, and something else. I figured she was asking if we wanted anything else on our sandwich and did not want kiwi, so I said tomato. Turns out she was asking about drinks so we both ended up with Tomato Juice drinks. Certainly not the best drink I’ve had before.

A lot of people go to Seoul on the weekend so it is a good idea to get a ticket ahead of time. We bought our return ticket once we got to Seoul. After some shopping we went to the stadium. I had heard that getting off at Olympic Park stadium is faster than going to the Jamsil stop. But I figured the stadium is name Jamsil so we should get off there. Well, the stadium is directly outside the Olympic Park subway stop which we found out after going back to that stop. We bought some thunder sticks in the subway station before buying our tickets. We decided to cheer for the Hanwha Eagles because they are from Daejeon (instead of Seoul–going for the underdogs) and because they had orange uniforms. Doosan was ranked 6th and Hanwha 7th out of 8 teams in the league so we weren’t expecting too much.

Buying tickets was really easy. Usually you can just walk up at any time and buy tickets for anywhere. We got there about 40 minutes early and the infield was already sold out. So we ended up with outfield seats. When we bought tickets the lady asked which team we were cheering for. They actually divided the stadium up based on the team you cheer for. They do not have seat numbers for the outfield, so we just found some seats and waited for the game to start. By time the game started the stadium was completely packed! There were even people sitting on the stairs. The game was a ton of fun too. The fans get into the game more than in America. They have a guy that leads the fans in different chants. I tried to follow along, but it was in Korean so I was a little confused.

The game was really good too. The Eagles ended up winning 6-0! It lasted as long as an American game would but the tickets were much cheaper. I think we only paid 8,000 won ($8) each for our tickets. Getting on the subway was really easy afterwards as well. I figured we were going to have to wait a while, but we just hopped on and left. Apparently going to a baseball game in Korea is the thing to do if you are foreigner. We saw a ton of foreigners at the game. I hope we can go to another game before the summer is done because it was a lot of fun.


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